Solar for Schools / Higher Education

Solar panels could be just the solution you need to cut costs in your school’s budget. Utility bills are a necessary expense, but they don’t necessarily have to be that expensive.

Wayfare Energy provides solar (photovoltaic) panel installation services for commercial, and public sector clients, and your higher education facilities could be the perfect match. Let’s explore the benefits of solar for schools, and just why they might the solution that you’re looking for.

solar power schools FloridaWhy Solar for Schools?

Naturally, Florida sees its fair share of solar energy. Even with legislature changing, tax codes updating, we are still seeing nice growth throughout Florida.

Your school needs to stand out.

Solar can be just the difference in pushing one student over the edge to apply and come to yours versus all of the others in Florida. 

From a PR perspective, it also supports any Green initiatives you may have or plan on launching in the future.

Lots of Missed Opportunity 

Schools are a great candidate for solar energy, especially larger higher education campuses, simply thanks to the vast amount of space they have available for the placement of Wayfare Energy panels. Not only can rooftops be used, but any unused, open spaces that are exposed to the sun throughout the day.

Naturally, schools use a lot more energy than the average household. Over half of it goes on lighting and cooling alone, but office equipment, space heating, and other energy needs add to those costs as well. Since you’re using more energy, you also stand to save more by switching to a renewable source like Solar Power. 

Teaching Solar Power to Your Students

Solar energy is a topic growing more and more important in education and installing systems for your school could lend to some unique teaching opportunities for your students, as well. From calculating how much energy is produced by photovoltaic panels to addressing issues of how angling and orienting panels could help them capture more energy, there are plenty of learning opportunities that could be introduced using your solar panels.

Get in touch with Wayfare Energy

At Wayfare, we are proud to help any school across Florida that are rapidly transitioning to solar energy. Get in touch to learn more about what we can do for your school or college and take the first step towards a leaner budget, a cleaner earth, and a better school.

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