Solar for Home Builders & Real Estate Companies

Wayfare Energy is the solar power company for home builders in Florida. We’re excited to continue to contribute to the wave of solar integration all across the Sunshine State, especially with those home builders who build properties with environmental friendliness in mind.

There’s a growing market of homeowners and property investors who look at sources of renewable energy, such as solar (photovoltaic) panels, as one of their top priorities. We can help you reach that growing market as your solar power partner.


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Join the Solar Boom

Imagine differentiating your company from all of the other home builders by offering solar systems to your Florida customers? As the costs of PV systems continues to decrease, more and more are taking advantage of solar power. There is more potential solar power generation in Florida than would be needed to supply electricity to the entire country.

In 2015, only 43 megawatts of solar potential was added to the state. Now, that number has jumped up to 2,000 megawatts of solar electric capacity. State-sponsored incentives and decreasing costs are making solar more attractive than ever, so it may be time to consider adding it to your portfolio.

What’s in it for ME?

As Florida’s top solar power company, we offer a range of different solar technologies, each of them enabling you to offer your clients and investors. This includes:

  • Solar PV Electric Panels: Not all solar panels are built the same, and we rely on the latest technology. This makes them more affordable, while meaning that they have greater capabilities than ever before thanks to new features like backup batteries.
  • Solar Pool Heat: If you’re building homes for a market that has higher budgets, then the only thing more attractive than a pool is a heated pool. We offer solar pool heaters that come with control panels that allow the user to set the perfect temperature, which is monitored by sensors in the pool. Water is run through the solar panels, gaining heat from the energy stored in the panels before its released back into the pool.
  • Solar Hot Water: Our in-home water heating systems work much like our pool heating systems, using the heat stored in the PV cells to heat the water in the home directly. The energy doesn’t have to be converted into electricity, meaning less energy is lost in the process and water is heated all the sooner.

All of our home solar PV systems come with free Nest learning thermostats, meaning that your new builds can offer even more to your clients. They also bring monitoring software that show exactly how much energy is being saved thanks to the solar energy systems At Wayfare Energy, we also love sustainability, so we’re proud to offer featured-filled systems that make for greener homes.

Need Financing?

Our solar financing programs mean that buyers can benefit from payment arrangements that best fit their needs. This means that you can offer your customers more options, with no extra cost to you and your team. In order to offer more flexibility to your customers, we also have a diverse range of solar power options, including the following:

  • Turnkey projects that are ready to go, with a streamlined consultation to connection process that helps you more quickly implement systems that produce the most energy with the least hassle.
  • Custom designs, for those homes that have profiles a little outside the ordinary, we are also able to design brand new systems that are best suited to the budget and needs of your customers. As such, you can build homes that are off the energy grid, bring additional battery back-up power systems, and more.
  • Design series solar systems by Wayfare Energy that offers modern, graceful, frame-less panels with optional LED lighting and color powder coating options that add a touch of luxury aesthetic to a more sustainable home. Perfect for those customers that have a higher end taste. 

Get in touch with Wayfare

Add a wide range of solar power systems to your service portfolio, appeal to a growing range of green consumers, and contribute to Florida’s ongoing solar boom with the help of We’re glad to begin partnerships with home builders across the state, so get in touch and let us know what we can do with you.

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