Solar for Healthcare

10 Billion in Annual Energy Costs

4th Highest Energy Consumer (commercial buildings)

These are two of the reasons so many commercial healthcare facilities are turning to solar power. Here at Wayfare Energy, we understand the benefits of solar better than anyone.

Significantly Reduce Your Annual Costs

We know that costs of your healthcare organization are continuously fluctuating. Why not almost guarantee the reduction in your energy costs by investing in solar power? With the growing elderly population, you’re only going to have to expand and have more space. This space costs money.

Avoid Causing Harm it the Local Community

Another thing that many healthcare facility managers and owners are understandably worried about is the impact they’re having on the local environment. That makes sense and solar power is a clean alternative that will limit the negative impact you have on the air quality around your facility.

When your job is to help people with their health and treat problems the last thing you want to do is to negatively affect the environment.

Commit to Sustainability

People take all kinds of things into account when choosing which healthcare facility to use. They want to work with reliable professionals, they want the best service and treatment but they also now take into account things like the environmental policies and sustainability of the places they receive medical treatment from.

That’s why you should show the world and all those potential patients of yours that your healthcare facility is committed to creating a sustainable practice. Switching to solar will also help you to create a more financially stable business going forward as well. Perception is REALITY.

A Solar Power Company You Can Rely On

With decades of experience in the Florida healthcare market and a commitment to the very best solar power installation service, you can count on us to give you the help you need.

Our team of professionals know exactly what you need and we’re always willing and able to listen to your needs throughout the process. Your requirements come first when we’re carrying out work for your healthcare facility.

We aren’t a sales organization. We hire full time employees that can create a custom healthcare solar power solution for your company. Then, we stay in communication with you and are there for updates, services and customer care.

Solar power for healthcare is becoming an increasingly popular solution (especially in Orlando and all of Florida!)  as these facilities look to reduce rising costs and take a more sustainable approach to the vital work they do. If you feel your healthcare facility could benefit from this kind of change too, simply contact us today.

Have a question? Reach out to us or check out our FAQ session with did with our CEO here.

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