You love pool season. Who doesn’t? The luxurious touch of the water as it breaks through the sizzle of the sun.

But what about those days and months where that water is just a bit too crisp? Even unusable. These moments might have you considering a heater for you pool.

And this is where you should take a strong look at installing a solar pool heater. Not sure how they work? It’s simple design and installation are an attractive solution and we’ll discuss below.

solar pool heaters Orlando

How Do They Work?

Much like with your home HVAC, you set a desired temperature for your pool and the system relies on sensors to monitor the water temperature. When it falls below the set temp, the system opens a valve that diverts water to the solar panels that have been collecting heat on your roof.

The water is then warmed as it flows through the panels and returns to the pool, thus raising the temperature until the goal is met.

It’s a functional and simplistic design that can add a great enhancement to your pool.

Glazed vs Unglazed

In terms of paneling, there are two common types of solar heaters used for pools.

With an unglazed panel the heavy-duty rubber or plastic is exposed to the sun to collect heat. These parts are more inexpensive but less efficient. Unglazed panels are used in warmer climates or for indoor pools in colder climates simply due to their inability to keep up as well as glazed panels.

Glazed panels are built with more robust components. Iron-tempered glass is seated on top of the panel while a copper tube running underneath. These units are more efficient and can handle colder climates to produce year-round heat.

In any climate, it’s recommended that you use a pool cover in colder months to maintain a more consistent temperature.

Cost Benefits of a Solar Pool Heater

Your pool’s surface area will need to be calculated in order to determine how many panels are required.

If you’re replacing an existing gas or electric heater the solar system can pay for itself in 2-3 years on average but can vary depending on your local fuel costs. Simply adding a solar heater where no heater was installed will require upfront costs but the benefits will begin paying for itself immediately.

 The biggest change you’ll see is in the immediate reduction of your monthly bill that you’ve become so accustomed to paying. Solar energy is free and the systems require essentially zero maintenance.

Rest assured that five years down the road you’ll be enjoying your heated pool that has long since paid for itself and keeps your water comfortable all year long.

The Time for Solar is Now

Solar pool heaters have proved themselves as a cost-effective option for homeowners desiring year-round use of their pools. If this sounds like a great scenario for you and your pool  contact us  to discover just how much solar can improve your life. We look forward to working with you!