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You could save money on your water heating bills at home with Wayfare Energy. Slash your monthly costs and help the environment with this innovative and eco-friendly water heating method.

Solar for Hot Water Florida

We Can Help You Cut Your Costs

When you heat host water in your home it makes up over quarter of your entire electric bill. Where is the sense in that? You could explore the option of solar hot water heaters and discover the most energy efficient way of creating hot water for your busy household. Nowadays homeowners are always looking to cut their monthly costs and this is exactly how you can do it.

Over a million businesses and homes across the United States have now swapped over to the solar way. This proves just how effective this method of water heating really is.

The Advantages of Solar for Hot Water

One of the main reasons for choosing solar for your hot water is the amount of savings you can make. It truly is the most cost effective decision you can make with anything in your household. Realistically, you are producing hot water every single day of the year, so solar hot water could save you thousands over the next ten to twenty years of your life. If you think investing in solar for your home is a huge investment, you can think again. It is actually one of the safest long term purchases you can make, as the entire system will repay itself in less than five years’ time. If you choose We Love Solar for your solar for hot water options you won’t have to pay any upfront fees at all, so what is there to lose?

Another benefit of solar for hot water is the eco-friendly element; solar water is completely clean. Your usual water heaters emit tonnes of carbon dioxide into the air, whereas solar water heaters do not produce any greenhouse gases. Similarly, this green water heating solution will help you to save on tax from the majority of the big energy companies.

How Does Solar Work?

Heating hot water using solar couldn’t be easier. Water runs through heated solar panels as they are warmed by the sun, so it is ready for you to use in the home whenever you need it. You will need to decide between active and passive heating systems, both of which take on slightly different forms.

A passive solar water system doesn’t use a pump, but relies on convection to transfer water through the system. These tend to be more reliableand long lasting than the active choice, but they aren’t quite as efficient.

An active solar hot water system uses a pump to circulate water through the system. This is the most cost effective choice if you’re looking to reduce your heating costs dramatically.

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We have provided many delighted customers with their very first solar water heating system and they couldn’t be happier with the results. From the installation process to paying the final costs, our testimonials speak for themselves.

We are a reputable company that take pride in every job we do, so get in touch with a member of our team for more information today!