Get to Know More About Wayfare Energy

What happened to Central Florida Solar?

Central Florida Solar, started by Bill Park, has more than 30 years of leadership in the Florida solar Market. They merged with Wayfare Energy on October 1, 2017 and the joint company adopted the Wayfare Energy brand and name. The team and resources of Central Florida Solar remain as strong and committed as ever, and continue as Wayfare Energy.

What is the Triple Bottom Line?

The triple bottom line is a framework whereby a company not only seeks to maximize profits but also realize a meaningful social and environmental impact.  The concept behind the triple bottom line is that a company’s pursuit of profits does not have to come at the expense of people or the planet.

How do solar panels generate electricity?

Solar modules (panels) collect energy from sunlight and convert it to electric current. Collected energy is channeled to an inverter, the brain of your system, which converts DC from your panels to usable AC for your lighting and appliances, and also communicates with the grid and your monitoring application to provide you real-time production information. When you produce more than you need on a sunny day, you receive a credit in your account to use at night or during inclement weather.

Are there incentives for installing solar?

Yes! A solar investment is tax advantaged. Homeowners are eligible for a 30% federal Investment Tax Credit of the total project price. At the local level, solar investments increase a home’s value, but are not assessed for property taxes.

How much can I save?

With a good solar resource, many homeowners can eliminate 100% of their electricity charges. Many solar customers pay just a few dollars a month to maintain their grid connection.

Can I go off the grid and ditch my utility?

Not yet. Your solar panels will only produce power when the sun is shining, so most systems are “grid-tied,” giving you access to the grid through your utility’s net metering program. Wayfare Energy offers home battery back-up systems that allow you to maintain power even in the event of a grid outage.

What is a net metering program?

Net metering is the key to your savings. Solar only produces when the sun is out, so we design your system to generate more power than you need during the day. The excess is “exported”, or sold, onto the grid, and a credit is applied to your account. At night or in bad weather, you will have access to grid power and draw down the balance in your account. Over the course of a year, your production will offset or eliminate what you buy from your utility.

So I can get paid to produce electricity?

Great idea, but net metering programs cap what you can produce at the retail rate, and pay below market rates on any excess production. So, at least for the time being, it doesn’t make financial sense to install excess capacity to produce more than you need.

Can I see how much energy my system is producing?

Yes, we include real-time monitoring on all installations, so you can see your production and your savings up to the minute. This monitors your system’s performance and will notify you and us in the rare case that something isn’t quite right.

Does solar require a lot of maintenance?

No. Solar arrays have no moving parts, and are extremely durable even in severe weather. An occasional cleaning can keep your system functioning at peak performance. We also have lifetime monitoring included with all our systems.

How long do solar panels last?

Wayfare Energy uses only high-quality panels backed by a minimum 25-year performance guarantee, so you can relax and enjoy your savings for decades.

Does Wayfare offer finance options?

Yes, Wayfare Energy partners with several finance companies to get you the right financing for your budget and timeline. We have products that fit your situation, even if you have less than perfect credit.

What if I want to sell my home?

A study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory indicated that homes with solar sell at a premium compared to homes with standard electrical service

What happens if there is a grid outage?

If the grid fails, for safety reasons your solar array will turn off automatically. For consumers who want additional resilience, we install battery backup systems that provide always-on power even when the grid is down.

Can I see the environmental benefits?

Yes! Solar power is produced by converting free, renewable, and abundant sunlight into electricity. All the electricity you produce is 100% emissions free. Grid electricity in Florida comes from natural gas, coal, or nuclear fuel sources, which emit greenhouse gases and create toxic waste products when used as fuel. In addition to saving thousands of dollars on your electricity bill, over the lifetime of a Wayfare Energy system you avoid tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

This EPA calculator will help you estimate your home’s annual emissions from electricity (an average Florida home uses about 15,000kWh a year).

My roof is shaded. Can I still go solar?

One of our experts will analyze your roof to determine how much solar resource you have. Most homes have at least some usable roof space and intermittent shading can be addressed through equipment selection. If your roof is not suitable for solar, we offer ground-mounted solar installations that work just as well and can be installed elsewhere on the property.

Can I use solar to charge an Electric Vehicle?

Yes, solar can eliminate your electric bill, and it can protect you from unpredictable fuel prices. Even if you don’t drive an EV or Plug-In Hybrid today, you will soon. At today’s rates, driving a mile on electricity is about 1/3 of the gas price. When you charge with solar from your roof, the fill-up is free! Wayfare Energy can help you save at home and on the road, ask us how.