Commercial Solar Electric

Central Florida Solar is proud to announce our partnership with SolarOne Financial , LLC


SolarOne Financial, LLC group is Florida’s largest solar finance, sales, installation and engineering group and as a result we can offer a commercial solar electric package where you can break even in the first year if you are able to utilize available investment tax credits (ITC) and MACRS depreciation.


  • Your new electric bill (including finance payment) will be 20-30% below your existing electric company.
  • The system will generate an average 40% IRR (internal rate of return).
  • Our engineering team member designed the Orlando International Airport and Ft. Myers International Airport among hundreds of other projects in Florida.
  • These savings will result in an increase in your enterprise value of approximately ($1000 x 12 or 8% cap rate) = $12,000 for each $1,000 in savings.
  • ITC (1 yr. carry back) and just the first depreciation deduction (20% MACRS).



  • The system will have a guaranteed and insured output for the first 25 years, by an AM best insurance company, to assure your confidence in the systems long term electrical output.
  • The system will also have a manufacturers warranty of 10 years parts and labor. Optional 20 year warranty available.
  • SolarOne Financial, LLC purchases all Solar components direct from tier-1 manufacturers, no middlemen, providing the highest quality and lowest price in Florida.
  • As you have determined, we provide a 100% turn key project including site and print evaluation, system design, utility company preview and final inspection, permit and building dept. inspections, installation by NABCEP certified installers and electricians who are also part of our team, no sub contractors.
  • SolarOne will provide a U.S. Dept of Energy pro forma of system kWh output and we guarantee the system design and installation quality will meet this output in the first year or SolarOne will add the additional modules required to meet this projection at no additional cost to you.

Financing Details:

  • SolarOne Financial, LLC provides 15 year 2.99% fixed financing projecting 100% recapture of down payment and a net profit in approximately the first year, based on your ability to utilize 30%
  • We require only 6 payments first year to assure you will recapture your down payment in the first 12 months.