Need solar for battery backup storage?

Like many homeowners, you might be thinking about adding a battery backup to your solar panel system. Wayfare Energy can provide you with all of your back up battery needs, so that you are never out of power.

Advantages of Solar for Battery Backup Storage

You are probably wondering why it is so useful to fit a solar panel system with a backup battery. The truth is, there are a whole host of advantages of having a home battery when you have solar. You can not only use more energy in your home or business property, but you can also save it to use as a backup if the grid ever fails to work. You might also end up saving a lot of money when you use the battery power if your rates fluctuate during different times of the month or year.

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Is a Backup Battery Easy to Add to my Solar Panel System?

In general it is fairly straightforward to add a backup battery to your solar panel system, but it does depend on how your particular system was manufactured and designed in the first place.

Storage ready solar systems are very easy to have a battery integrated into them, so additional equipment will not always be required. If your particular system was not designed with the intention for extra storage, then the process might be slightly lengthier, but it is certainly not impossible. You will be able to choose from an AC Coupled solution or an inverter replacement.

Inverter Replacement – With this option you can replace your current solar inverter with another that complements your battery. This will make your systems more efficient as you will be losing less energy when conversion occurs. Although it is slightly more costly upfront, you will make the money back gradually over time.

AC Coupled Solution – This solution means that your new battery is installed with a separate inverter that is fixed into your house’s energy system. This choice means you can keep your current inverter, which does save you a decent amount of money up front. The size of your battery can also be more flexible with this solution.

Get in Touch for More Information

If you have any questions about the solar for battery backup storage, please do not hesitate to contact our We Love Solar team today. We will be able to give you a clear run down of installation and labour costs, what type of batteries might be compatible with your current solar system and what you should to if your installer does not offer energy storage as an option. We will have the answer for you, no matter what the query is. Your household could be benefitting from battery backup storage for the foreseeable future, if you just start exploring your options today.